CS 302 Professional Issues

Tutorial - Week 9

Potential variation! Questions for discussion in small groups but also, perhaps, points for more universal discussion.

  1. Complete any outstanding material from last week's tutorial.

  2. One way towards producing financially competitive software is to make use of software engineers from countries where remuneration can be lower - for example, from India (which has a successful and thriving software industry).

    If you were in employment with a company, what ethical problems would be caused to you if such a strategy were adopted by your employers? Why? Are these problems of computing ethics or ethical problems (simpliciter)? Does the answer to the last question matter?

  3. Details about the Scottish Information Commissioner can be found from the web ... except that for a substantial period in 2003 the web site gave only a single picture and lots of only partly working references to statutes. Recent copyright legislation is alleged to have been pushed through parliament in six days from start to finish. Discuss the ethical (and legal) issues which are created when the pace of change is so great.

  4. It has been said that "whistle blowing" (deliberately revealing publicly information which you know in confidence) is not so much an exercise of rights as an abuse of privilege. Discuss the issue, from a personal point of view.

  5. Now, reconsider the "whistle blowing" question from the point of view of the public at large. And from the viewpoint of the press. Do you detect differences which might affect your original thoughts?

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