CS 302 Professional Issues

Tutorial - Week 8

Usual pattern - questions for discussion in small groups. Also as usual - make sure that you have completed the work of the previous tutorial.

  1. You have helped develop and market a range of database/web programs, and are still earning money from the venture. As a consultant you are asked to advise on the purchase of such a system. What should you do?

  2. Acting as a consultant, you are an expert in the design of web sites. A company gives you a contract ... but then asks you to develop also an associated database system, an area in which you are relatively uninformed. What should you do?

  3. Employed in a small software company, you find one of your colleagues has been taken ill. Your boss asks you to copy you colleague's files so that their work can be continued in their absence. What ethical issues does this raise for you? How might you react?

  4. You are developing the software which controls a new radiation device for treating cancer patients. The machine is urgently needed; patients are suffering and dying while the machine is not in service to help in their treatment. You are aware that the software has as yet been inadequately tested. What problems does this raise for you? What will you do?

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