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Tutorial - Week 6

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Complete both the questions from the previous tutorial, if you have not already done so; it really does matter that you do that! Then turn to the material below (though note that in the last couple of years the later parts of these questions ran ahead of the lecture material - and it will probably be the same this year).

The questions that follow are all extracted from previous examination papers, the first set being drawn from a multi-choice question and the other from one of the longer questions. The multi-choice ones, in particular, are intended for discussion ... not so much, which is the right answer, as why (and in the case of the other possible answers why not!): the best answer is not always the obvious one!

  1. Complete the following.

    1. The authorised share capital of a company is

      1. the current market value of its shares
      2. the value for which it originally sold its shares
      3. the face value of the shares it has issued and sold
      4. the total face value of its shares
      5. the proportion of that face value which the company has actually received.

    2. The Health & Safety at Work Act and related European Union directives are of relevance to

      1. software development
      2. hardware development
      3. the development of both hardware and software
      4. neither software nor hardware development
      5. only to the environment in which a computer is used.

    3. The Engineering Council of the United Kingdom is

      1. an informal gathering of chartered bodies
      2. a chartered body
      3. a chartered body which is itself a gathering of chartered bodies
      4. a statutory body
      5. a limited company.

    4. The British Computer Society is

      1. subordinate to the Engineering Council
      2. somewhat influenced by the Engineering Council
      3. wholly independent of the Engineering Council
      4. responsible for the Engineering Council
      5. a participating member of the Engineering Council.

  2. For later consideration; paragraph one was worth half the marks for the question, the other two a quarter each.

    The British Computer Society operates a Career Development Framework [Question originally set in the context of the now-superseded Professional Development Scheme] for its members. Outline the main features of this scheme.

    In what ways might membership of this scheme benefit you in your career as a computer scientist?

    How would you expect a company participating in the scheme to benefit?

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