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  1. Working so far as possible in the same small groups as last week, complete the previous questions on determining the working capital required to be an undergraduate student.

    Remember, you will need to determine all the elements of income and expenditure which you will meet over a year, and how they vary with time within that year. Remember too that we need the full cost, even if someone other than you is paying for many of the items: thus everyone has housing and heating costs and needs to cope with the full rigours of the "overseas fee", even though there may be balancing items of (hitherto unthought of?) income. Then, from that information, construct a cash flow analysis.

    If you are still really stuck with the cost of some item, you may be able to obtain plausible data from another group or from your tutor.

  2. Spam - in the sense of unsolicited email - is a major difficulty for many people, with their problems ranging from fury at the waste of time and space to acute embarrassment at the nature of some of their email. To say nothing of all the problems of viruses! Many people, and many providers of network access, already provide partially successful spam traps.

    The UK introduced a law, from 11 December 2003, to give effect in this country to the European Commission's Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications. It is now an offence to send unsolicited email to any individual (sic!) unless they have previously given consent or are already a customer of the sender. Responsibility for enforcement will rest with the Information Commissioner, and those found guilty in court will face fines of up to £5000. But corporate business email systems will not be "protected".

    Still in your small groups, discuss the issues involved, and possible desirable solutions. Amongst other topics you might wish to consider will be:

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