CS 302 Professional Issues

Aim, Learning Outcomes and Syllabus

Background Information

Level 3
Pre-requisites 52 231 Programming Techniques
Note (especially relevant to TBS students) that it is not a knowledge of programming which is required, but rather some experience of what is required for the professional application of a computer scientist's skills; any other class requiring the student to tackle that concept will suffice just as well
Recommended 52 132 Applications & Implications of Computers
Availability Compulsory for Computer Science and related students, as an option (or an elective) for other students
Contact 24 lectures, with 12 tutorials
Examination 100% written exam [2hr 00], but note that attendance at weekly tutorials will be expected. This is a slightly different assessment pattern from that of previous years
Lecturer Mr Paul Goldfinch
Credits 15
2008/2009 Timetable It is likely this timetable link will not work!


To ensure that the student is aware of the legal, social, ethical and professional issues commensurate with the practice of Information Systems Engineering.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the class, a student should be able:


Characteristics of a Profession and of Professionalism: the engineering profession; technical knowledge and its presentation; standards of integrity, impartiality and competence; awareness of responsibilities; constitutional powers and legal status of professional bodies; statutory and regulatory functions.

Professional Competence: codes of practice and competence; systems design methodologies; risk analysis; realtime and safety-critical systems; quality assurance; financial cost awareness; intellectual property rights; computer misuse, including hacking, criminal misuse and pornography; documentation standards; appreciation of business practices and change management.

General and Specific Statute Law: including reference to, but not limited to, copyright law, Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act, health and safety legislation, industrial relations legislation, public liability, employer liability.

The Role of the Professional: duties to client, employer and public; professional responsibilities; involvement in continuing education and professional development.


Both codes can be downloaded from the internal link given - which presently gives the version current in winter 2006/07 - or from the BCS web site.

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