CS 302 Professional Issues

Tutorial - Week 11

  1. Complete any outstanding questions from previous weeks.

  2. Following group discussion, determine the best completion for the following phrases.

    1. The Office of the Information Commissioner was originally established under

      1. the Data Protection Act 1998
      2. related European Union directives issued in Brussels
      3. the Data Protection Act 1984
      4. the Freedom of Information Act 2000
      5. other legislation.

    2. The intellectual property rights in a computer program comprise

      1. the literary formulation of the program
      2. the visual formulation - the appearance - of the program
      3. the design and coding of the program
      4. some combination of these (Which?)
      5. all of these.

  3. (Part of an exam question, but also the basis of coursework formerly used for the class) Following our study of Data Protection and Computer Misuse legislation, you will appreciate that the University has a responsibility in law to see that its various computer users, both staff and students, follow practices which are fully compliant with the legislation.

    You are asked to consider how the Department of Computer & Information Sciences goes about meeting this responsibility.

    In coursework form this question was tackled by creating twelwe PowerPoint or similar slides, to form a presentation which could be given to new staff or students to explain to them both what the Department's major practices were and why they were as they were. The real problem was one of prioritising the major practices, to fit the information into the available space (which corresponded to the largest number of slides which could legibly be printed on the two sides of a sheet of A4 paper, to form a handout).

  4. (Part of an exam question, possibly for later discussion) What is meant by the phrase "intellectual property rights"? Explain how these rights, as they affect the construction of computer software, are protected under United Kingdom law.

    In the United States of America, a different legal approach has been used. Briefly explain that approach, giving emphasis to the differences between it and the United Kingdom approach.

    How in your opinion should United Kingdom law be adjusted, if at all? Why?

  5. Are there particular - relevant! - questions that you want to raise, whether with your discussion group or with your class tutor?

In week 12, The tutorial groups will met as usual, on the Monday and on the Thursday.

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